We hope you find these tips useful around the home

Removing Chewing Gum from Carpets and Fabrics
Place an ice cube on the gum for ten minutes, then break it up by scraping it with a table knife.

Removing Candle Wax from Carpets and Fabrics
Fold a paper towel, or a sheet of toilet paper, two or three times and place it over the wax. Gently iron it with the iron set on low (synthetics) and the wax will melt and be absorbed into the paper. Replace the paper and continue ironing until all the wax has gone.

Removing Blood Stains
Soak a cloth in hydrogen peroxide solution and rub the stain gently. For really stubborn blood stains rub a paste of corn flour into the stain and leave it in the sun.

Removing Ball Pen Ink
Wet the ink with methylated spirits or aftershave, taking care to wet only the small area where the ink lies. After a few minutes press a dry paper towel or toilet paper onto the area. Repeat the whole procedure until all the ink has been absorbed by the paper.

Dusting in cracks and corners
Use a dry paintbrush to get into tight corners and cracks.

Removing rings around collars
Rub hair shampoo into the collar, just as when you wash your hair. After ten minutes wash the garment as normal in the washing machine.

Cleaning Bathrooms
After a steamy bath or shower bathrooms and their fittings are much easier to clean, as the steam has already softened and loosened the dirt.

Keeping baths clean
To avoid rings around the bath do not use oily preparations. Use bath salts or liquid water softeners (sold for their relaxing properties) and rinse the bath after draining out the water.

Stainless steel surfaces
Stainless steel sinks, work-tops and equipment can be made to sparkle by wiping with a vinegar soaked cloth.